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Business Intelligence

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Real-Time Business Intelligence Across the Enterprise

Getting an accurate view of the business is challenging. Information is stored across multiple, disparate systems and manually based data management processes are time- consuming and error-prone. From the executive level to the front lines, effective decision-making is compromised without reliable, timely data.

NetSuite Business Intelligence provides the power of built-in, real-time dashboards, reporting and analysis across all the integrated processes within the software suite. Realizing true value-added insights, business users gain real-time visibility to identify issues, trends and opportunities and instantly drill down to the underlying transaction to take action.

All in one solution

Business Intelligence Tools

NetSuite Analytics and Reporting
NetSuite SuiteAnalytics analytics and reporting capabilities provide real-time visibility into company operational and financial performance across all business functions. Prebuilt and easily customizable, these reports and analyses make it easy to get the data you need, while role-based dashboards and key performance indicators (KPIs) help you keep an eye on business performance.
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Oracle Analytics

Oracle Analytics is a comprehensive platform that offers readily available services for various workloads and data. Oracle Analytics provides valuable and actionable insights for various data types in the cloud, on-premises, or hybrid deployments, enabling business users, data engineers, data analysts, and data scientists to access and process relevant data, evaluate forecasts, and make swift and accurate decisions.

A platform that addresses the entire analytics workflow

Impower leaders, analysts, and IT to access data from wherever they are, including mobile devices. Oracle Analytics Cloud is embedded with machine learning, which helps organizations to discover unique insights faster with automation and intelligence. Fusion Analytics is a family of prebuilt, cloud native analytics applications for Oracle Cloud Applications that provide line of business users with ready-to-use insights that improve decision-making. Oracle’s unique breadth and depth of combined analytics and application capabilities enable organizations to unify analytics and provide a single, common view of performance across departments.

Challenges NetSuite Analytics and Reporting Solves

  • Multiple Spreadsheets and Data Silos. With all financial and operational data centralized, time needed to consolidate and reconcile information is eliminated.
  • Inefficient Manual Reporting. Prebuilt, industry-standard reports plus no-code customization capabilities get business users the information they need quickly.
  • Hard-to-Track Business Performance. Incorporate business performance metrics into your dashboards and KPIs.
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