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Why do over 36,000 enterprises trust Oracle NetSuite?

NetSuite's Enterprise Cloud ERP management software assists businesses in simplifying crucial business processes, allowing them to focus more on matters of significant value, while swiftly adapting to market changes and agilely seizing future business opportunities. From financial management and supply chain management to billing management, NetSuite's Enterprise Cloud ERP software empowers businesses with the momentum to accelerate growth and drive continuous innovation.

Cloud ERP, with built-in AI

NetSuite offers a comprehensive solution for the key business functions of all types of enterprises, integrated with AI capabilities. It's scalable according to your business needs and allows customization to fit your specific requirements. From multinational corporations to food startups, NetSuite ERP can automate and streamline operations for businesses of all kinds.

Oracle NetSuite — 全雲端ERP,內建AI人工智慧

Through cloud ERP and accounting systems, companies can reduce the deployment costs of IT physical assets, significantly lowering operational expenses.

Especially suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that require a comprehensive integrated system without the need for extensive customization.

Ideal for businesses looking to consolidate disparate ERP, CRM, accounting, expense reporting, project management, and other systems into one unified platform.

Oracle NetSuite — Accouting Softwares 會計軟體
Accounting Software

Empower your financial team with better data, enhancing forecasting accuracy, shortening reporting cycles, simplifying decision-making, and managing risks and regulatory compliance more effectively. Oracle Fusion Cloud Financials is a global financial platform that connects and automates financial management processes (including accounts payable, accounts receivable, fixed assets, expenses, and reporting), giving you a clear understanding of your overall financial status.

Ideal for businesses looking to consolidate disparate ERP, CRM, accounting, expense reporting, project management, and other systems into one unified platform.

Specifically for rapidly growing businesses, it starts with basic functionalities and can be flexibly adjusted as the business expands.

Perfect for global companies wishing to control and oversee operations of multiple subsidiaries, including overseas offices.

Global Business

NetSuite OneWorld is an integrated platform designed for global businesses. To support various currencies, languages, and tax systems of different countries, Oracle has integrated business operations spread across overseas subsidiaries and offices in multiple countries and regions, achieving real-time reporting.

Oracle NetSuite — Global Business 全球化業務管理

Provides real-time global business insight. Access NetSuite from anywhere in the globe.

Enables the effortless management of multiple subsidiaries, business units and legal entities.

OneWorld has been built to support both global standard and country-specific audit and tax regulations.

Oracle NetSuite — CRM CRM客戶關係管理
Customer Relationship Management

NetSuite's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is a cloud-based solution that provides a 360-degree real-time view of customers. From prospects to opportunities, sales orders, execution, renewals, upselling, cross-selling, and support, NetSuite CRM ensures a smooth flow of information throughout the entire customer lifecycle

Single Data Source. A single view of a customer across all channels provides complete visibility into all online, in-store and phone transactions and interactions.

Get visibility into pipeline and forecasts and streamline the sales process with a fully unified quote-to-order, cash and fulfillment solution.

Streamline the execution and coordination of marketing campaigns across multiple diverse channels, ensuring optimal reach and engagement.

Professional Service Automation

NetSuite offers customization and scalability in modules like project management, resource management, and billing, ensuring full compliance with requirements even when processes change. With NetSuite's PSA strategy, you can gain insights into your professional team, enhance resource efficiency, streamline billing, boost delivery capabilities, and increase profitability.

Oracle NetSuite — PSA 專業服務自動化

NetSuite's PSA capabilities combined with financials, CRM  HR, and analytics provides a complete solution for any services business.

Collaborate and strategize on decisions using real-time, data-driven information to maintain accurate, consistent, and current statuses.

SuiteProjects is available anytime, anywhere. The purpose-built mobile app allows users to quickly and easily capture detailed time and expense data.

Oracle NetSuite — eCOM 電子商務

Conducting both B2C and B2B operations on a single e-commerce platform, SuiteCommerce integrates business applications and provides a central repository for order management and data on customers, products, and inventory. This creates a seamless omnichannel brand experience and streamlines your business processes, facilitating the easy expansion of global, omnichannel e-commerce operations.

Connect every step of a multi-channel, multi-location business — from ecommerce, POS and order management to inventory, financials and support.

A mobile point-of-sale solution unified with NetSuite equips sales associates with the tools and information to assist and engage shoppers.

Manage orders from multiple channels — POS, web, call center, mobile, kiosk — all in one place.

Business Intelligence

NetSuite's business intelligence software suite offers real-time, built-in dashboards, reports, and analytical capabilities across all its integrated processes. Through this suite, business users can gain tangible insights and real-time visualization, identifying issues, trends, and opportunities, quickly delving into underlying transaction data, and taking appropriate actions.

Oracle NetSuite — BI 商務智能

Prebuilt reports, role-based dashboards and KPIs are based on industry-leading practices.

Secure, self-service capabilities deliver information to analysts and decision-makers without relying on IT.

A central database reduces the time needed to consolidate and reconcile information.

Oracle NetSuite — UX 用戶介面
User Interface

NetSuite offers a range of features such as role-based authentication, an intuitive user interface, customizable dashboards, mobile-friendly design, and efficient file management. Moreover, NetSuite's UI is user-friendly, enhancing work efficiency and reducing time wasted navigating through unintuitive ERP systems. NetSuite also provides 128-bit SSL encryption and role-based access management, ensuring data security.

NetSuite's authentication system delights both security teams and NetSuite users.

Customizable dashboard technology gives custom instrumentation to workers.

Wide virtual file cabinet makes sharing and linking your important business documents easy.

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