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Professional Service Automation

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Maximize Service Performance with Professional Service Automation Software

Use NetSuite's top-tier professional service automation solution to oversee the entire "bid-to-bill" process for your service business. Designed from the start for evolving service delivery needs, our solution is easy to implement and maintain. It offers strong adaptability in areas like project management, resource allocation, billing, and invoicing. With NetSuite's PSA, you'll get profound insights into your service organization, optimize resource use, enhance project delivery, and increase profit margins. This all-in-one solution encompasses project and financial management tools, ensuring you can manage projects efficiently, bill accurately, and achieve more within your budget.

With NetSuite's PSA solution, you'll gain deeper insights into your professional service organization, improve resource utilization, streamline billing and invoicing processes, enhance on-time project delivery capabilities, and boost profit margins. This fully integrated solution encompasses features like project management, resource management, project accounting, work order, expense management, and analytics, offering a suite of powerful tools to help you manage projects, resources, and financial matters.

NetSuite’s PSA capabilities combined with financials, CRM  HR, and analytics provides a complete solution for any services business.

Collaborate and strategize on decisions using real-time, data-driven information to maintain accurate, consistent, and current statuses.

SuiteProjects is available anytime, anywhere. The purpose-built mobile app allows users to quickly capture detailed time and expense data.


All in one solution

Professional Services Automation

Personalized Dashboards
The Project 360 Dashboard gives project managers a consolidated status of all their projects. Gain complete visibility into an entire project, including Gantt charts, resourcing, and project profitability. View important KPIs at a glance, and quickly drill down into detailed focus pages for each project area. Take corrective or proactive measures using actionable links for faster mitigation. automatically opinion an up-to-date view of the current health of projects down to the task level.
Oracle NetSuite PSA interface - 萬沛 ONE PACIFIC


Project Accounting

Project accounting links project activities to corporate financial processes, ensuring accurate accounting and billing throughout the project lifecycle, streamlining timesheet and expense management.


NetSuite's robust reporting and analytics tools provide real-time data on demand, allowing you to monitor, report, and analyze overall project performance.

Timesheet Management

With NetSuite's customizable timesheet features, project managers can quickly and efficiently access detailed timesheet data, whether in the office, remotely, or on the go, ensuring streamlined operations.

Customer Management

Offers comprehensive customer info. From leads to opportunities, sales orders, fulfillment, renewals, upselling, ensures a continuous, seamless flow of information.


Billing and invoicing management can automatically handle complex recurring billing as well as time and project-based billing. Supporting billing upon completion of project tasks,  or on predetermined dates.

Expense Management

Offers a range of powerful features that improve tracking and compliance, increase the accuracy and timeliness of expense reporting, enhance the overall experience.

Challenges Professional Services Automation Solves

  • Multiple Systems. Support the full bid-to-bill process — quote, order, plan, deliver, invoice, analyze — with one unified solution.
  • Poor Visibility into Profitability. Aggregate project and financial data in one place for a complete view of financials, resources and projects.
  • Manual Tracking. Time and expenses are automatically applied against projects.
  • Poor Resource Utilization. Optimize staffing and utilization by defining multiple bookings types. Allocate resources by specific timeframes to provide in-depth reports.
  • Complicated Revenue Tracking. Automate revenue calculations and allocations and support multiple revenue scenarios on a project-by-project basis.

Project Reporting and Analytics

NetSuite SuiteProjects project reporting and analytics provides robust dashboards and reporting and analytics tools that deliver a real-time view into your services organization. Monitor, report on and analyze overall project performance in real time, and zero in on metrics including resource utilization, profit margins, budgets versus actuals and more. Every stakeholder, from executive to project manager, can instantly access personalized reports populated with the data that matters most to them.
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