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Kinetic CRM

Control Over all Points of Contact with your Customers and Prospects

Customer Relationship Management(CRM) provides the information and oversight to deliver the best possible customer experience at every touchpoint. Connecting employees, departments, and supply chain partners with Kinetic capabilities empowers your whole company to be more responsive.
Epicor Kinetic Customer Relationship Management

Manage contact interactions through effective task management

Strengthen your sales force by synchronizing essential CRM data

Enhance your customer experience with data-driven insights that help you stay one step ahead of the competition

Streamlined Pipeline Activities

Help your sales team manage the complete prospect-to-customer life cycle, give accurate revenue forecasts to management, and automate many administrative tasks with CRM tools. You’ll get the big picture at every stage of the customer journey.

Epicor Kinetic Customer Relationship Management
Epicor Kinetic Customer Relationship Management
Maximized Customer Satisfaction

Keep in touch with your customers and prospects by promoting responsive, respectful, and proactive interaction. Elevate customer service by documenting and sharing communication with the entire organization, while overseeing contact interactions through task management.

Improved Quality Control

Boost operations, enhance quality, and anticipate customer and supply chain changes with enterprise data and predictive analytics. Stand out from the crowd with BI solutions that tackle today’s challenges while building tomorrow’s business.

Epicor Kinetic Customer Relationship Management


Epicor Kinetic MFG-Resource
Global Cloud ERP Built for Manufacturers

Kinetic is a global cloud ERP solution designed for and with manufacturers, helping them maximize profitability with real-time business intelligence and built-in collaboration tools. Powered by the industry expertise of Epicor, Kinetic has the functionality to run a modern, future-ready business poised to capitalize on data, transform digitally, and innovate without limits.

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ERP Solution Provider

ONE Pacific is the only team in Taiwan's industry composed entirely of Oracle ERP certified experts. With us, your business will not only maintain its leading position in Taiwan but also stand out on the global stage.


Global Experience

With two decades in Oracle NetSuite, we provide expertise from e-commerce to ERP.


Featured Widely

Many global enterprises endorse our services, backed by our internationally-versed tech team.

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