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Kinetic Production Management

Versatile Solutions for Unique Production Requirements

Get the tools you need to streamline today’s manufacturing processes, from make-to-order to mixed-mode operations. When you handle both simple and complex issues, you need a comprehensive suite of solutions made with your unique needs in mind. Our products are adaptable to various manufacturing styles, driving both efficiency and responsiveness in your operations.

Versatility: Catering to make-to-order, configure-to-order, engineer-to-order, and make-to-stock needs.

Modules include Job Management, Advanced Production, Lean Manufacturing, Quality Assurance.

Designed for manufacturers that need to balance complex and repetitive production demands.

Maximum Operational Efficiency

Run production operations that reduce waste, optimize resource utilization, and cut production cycle times. Kinetic’s production management solutions enable you to automate more processes, reduce manual interventions, and ensure that resources are optimized.

Kinetic Production Management Interface
Kinetic Production Management Interface
Data-Driven Decisions

With real-time insights across all aspects of production, from inventory levels to machine performance, your manufacturing team has the ability to make informed decisions quickly, adapt to changing conditions, and forecast more accurately.

Improved Quality Control

Boost operations, enhance quality, and anticipate customer and supply chain changes with enterprise data and predictive analytics. Stand out from the crowd with BI solutions that tackle today’s challenges while building tomorrow’s business.

Kinetic Production Management


Epicor Kinetic MFG-Resource
Global Cloud ERP Built for Manufacturers

Kinetic is a global cloud ERP solution designed for and with manufacturers, helping them maximize profitability with real-time business intelligence and built-in collaboration tools. Powered by the industry expertise of Epicor, Kinetic has the functionality to run a modern, future-ready business poised to capitalize on data, transform digitally, and innovate without limits.

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ERP Solution Provider

ONE Pacific is the only team in Taiwan's industry composed entirely of Oracle ERP certified experts. With us, your business will not only maintain its leading position in Taiwan but also stand out on the global stage.


Global Experience

With two decades in Oracle NetSuite, we provide expertise from e-commerce to ERP.


Featured Widely

Many global enterprises endorse our services, backed by our internationally-versed tech team.

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