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Manufacturing ERP Software

Optimize Every Step in the Process

Kinetic Supply Chain Management (SCM) is made for manufacturers, by manufacturers. From sourcing raw materials to delivering finished products, SCM gives you the visibility to transform your supply chain into a results-driven value chain. SCM is a full suite of enterprise application capabilities.
Grow Revenue With Resilient, Sustainable Supply Chains

Keep pace with your customers’ needs.

Save time with intuitive purchasing tools, supplier cross-referencing, part master price breaks, supplier trackers, and purchase order tracking.

Advanced Material Management (AMM) enables businesses to produce electronic requests for materials, dispatch those materials, and track inventory movements of all inventory.

Save valuable time and effort in your inventory purchasing activities by automating the process on a recurring basis, including the establishment of recurring delivery schedules.

Speed, Efficiency, and Visibility

Procure and track materials that meet your business needs

Supply Chain Management puts the power in your hands to evaluate supplier performance.

Gain visibility into procurement spending.

Harness real-time communications with your most valued customers and trusted suppliers.

Kinetic Supply Chain Management Interface
Kinetic Supply Chain Management
Manage Complex Warehouse Challenges

Maintain traceability, accuracy, and flexibility.

Exceed expectations in warehouse operations and order processing

Effectively maintain raw materials and finished goods.

Easily perform shortage monitoring and reorder analysis.

Powerful Product Delivery

Sell and ship efficiently with robust shipping and receiving capabilities.

Automatic invoicing in accounts receivable following customer shipments.

Customized printing functionality.

Container tracking from site to customer.

accurate landed cost tracking are all possible within the Kinetic SCM suite.

Kinetic Supply Chain Management


Epicor Kinetic MFG-Resource
Global Cloud ERP Built for Manufacturers

Kinetic is a global cloud ERP solution designed for and with manufacturers, helping them maximize profitability with real-time business intelligence and built-in collaboration tools. Powered by the industry expertise of Epicor, Kinetic has the functionality to run a modern, future-ready business poised to capitalize on data, transform digitally, and innovate without limits.

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ONE Pacific is the only team in Taiwan's industry composed entirely of Oracle ERP certified experts. With us, your business will not only maintain its leading position in Taiwan but also stand out on the global stage.


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With two decades in Oracle NetSuite, we provide expertise from e-commerce to ERP.


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